Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will Roy Hodgson get Fired?

There has been some speculation that Roy will get fired.. To be honest its not his fault that the Tom Hicks and George Gillette didnt give him the money to buy quality players.. And the late mascherano transfer didnt give him enough time to purchase a quality Left Back. If the owners give him money in excess of 30 million pounds than he will be up there with the likes of Chelsea.
Whats your opinion.. Should Roy get Fired or not?


  1. He was given plenty of money. Spending more then any other club apart from City. Not the owners fault he made less then average purchases. He should be sacked on his own accord. Feel bad for Gillett and Hicks being used as the scape goats for Liverpools failure as a club.

  2. OMG!THATS THE BEST MOVIE.. dont make me do it